[Reminder 2024 March] Important Due Dates

[Reminder 2024-03-04]

Important Due Dates
Tax supporting documents are due:

Dear Clients,

If you have yet to contact our office for your 2023 tax filings, we would like to remind you of
the due dates below.

Please upload your 2023 tax source documents to our secure portal by the dates below so we can prepare your tax filing.

 2023 Tax Source Documents
to Alisa Na CPAs Source Provide by
IRS Filing Due Date
Individual Form 10403/15/20244/15/2024
Individual Form 1040 with FinCen or FBAR3/15/20244/15/2024
Partnership Form 10652/15/20243/15/2024
S Corporation Form 1120S2/15/20243/15/2024
C Corporation Form 11203/15/20244/15/2024

If you cannot upload your documents by the above dates, please get in touch with our office to request an extension.

Please note late payment penalty and interest may accrue from the original due date if there is any tax liability.

When you have the complete tax source documents, please email [email protected] to request our secure portal link.

If you have questions, be sure to reach out to us. Our entire team is here to support and guide you.


ALISA NA CPAs & Advisors