Personal Income Tax Preparation

“Are you still filing your own taxes, and fretting over whether you’ve missed a deduction, or will receive a smaller refund than you’re entitled to?”

If you think tax law is confusing, you’re right. It’s so confusing, in fact, that we’ve dedicated our professional lives to understanding it. That’s why, if you want know you will benefit from every applicable deduction and receive the largest possible refund, it’s time to hire a pro.

“Did you know that the following items are all tax deductible?”

  • Medical and dental expenses
  • Several types of taxes paid
  • Home mortgage points
  • Interest expenses
  • Charitable contributions
  • Miscellaneous expenses
  • Business travel, entertainment, home use, and car use
  • Educational and employee business expenses
  • Losses due to casualty, disaster, and theft

Contact one of our tax experts for more information on claiming these and other deductions.

“Do you own private properties, stocks, or other investments?”

Each individual case is unique, a fact that we keep in mind with our highly tailored CPA services. In fact, because of our attention to their particular investments and other tax considerations, our clients often enjoy considerable savings over the major tax software and online tax filing services.

With tax time drawing near, we bet that this year, you’d like it to be stress-free and to end in a bigger refund.

Contact us immediately to learn more about how leaving the hard part to the pros will also maximize your tax savings.