Corporate Income Tax Preparation Services

Corporate income tax preparation is a jungle. With scores of exemptions, credits, and other nuances to navigate, there’s no doubt any corporation will benefit from corporate tax services from an established Seattle corporate accountant. The firm of Alisa Na, CPA can assist your corporation with key income tax topics such as:

  • Federal corporate income tax
  • Washington State B&O tax
  • Washington State public utility tax
  • State and federal tax incentive programs
  • Audit readiness

While Washington State does not charge a corporate income tax, it does collect a B&O (business and occupation) tax out of a corporation’s gross receipts.  The Seattle business accountants at Alisa Na, CPA have many years’ familiarity with the various B&O credits available, including credits for small businesses, high-tech companies, businesses performing “multiple activities,” new hires in rural areas or Community Empowerment Zone, and many others.

Seattle Corporate Tax Accountants

When it comes tax time, there is no greater peace of mind than knowing that your corporate income tax preparation has been carefully executed by a team of Seattle’s most thorough and able business accountants. Contact our Seattle corporate accountants today to learn more about how the firm of Alisa Na, CPA can help your organization minimize risk and maximize savings.