Start Planning Now for Next Year’s Tax Return

The firm of Alisa Na, a trusted personal and small business CPA in Seattle, urges you to start preparing for your 2012 tax returns today. We suggest the following in order to make next year’s process as easy and efficient as possible:

  • Reduce your withholding to enjoy more savings now, rather than in another year
  • Keep this year’s documents secure and easily accessible
  • Begin and/or maintain an orderly filing system
  • Make sure your employer withholds the proper amounts from each paycheck
  • Find a Seattle small business CPA or personal tax expert sooner, rather than later
  • Learn which items are and are not valid tax deductions, and start planning accordingly
  • Ask your CPA how best to take advantage of tuition payment deductions
  • Use the IRS’s resources to keep informed of tax law changes

Read the latest IRS newsletter for more detailed information on how to save time and money with your next tax return, and we encourage you to contact Alisa Na, CPA to learn more.